Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Events

Yesterday Paige asked for some crackers while I was working in my office so I gave her two (one for each hand). She pitter patted down the hall and this is what I heard:

thunk, thunk
Paige "poo poo potty! mama! poo poo yucky!"

So I went to investigate and she had put her two crackers in her little potty....she proceeded to dump them into the big potty, flush and wash her hands.

Paige "Bye bye poo poo"

Cooling Down the Sidewalk
The other day it was hot outside and Paige didn't want to put her shoes on. Not in a mood to deal with it I told her it was hot outside and her feet would get hot but if she didn't want to wear shoes she didn't have to wear them. She stepped onto the walkway and at once realized it was hot.

"Too hot mama...feet hot..."

At which point she bent down close to the ground and blew on the sidewalk to cool it off. I love her thought process.

Friday, July 10, 2009

How Pretty!

Some of you may notice that the Ollivier's blog has had a face lift....yippee! But with all that surgery comes some scarring and unfortunately I have no idea how to "heal" it! Somehow in beautifying my blog I've lost all my photos!! Ahhhh! Hopefully someone with more computer prowess than myself can aide me in solving this issue. Until then.....