Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I stink at blogging

So the full list is pretty long but I thought I'd give my top few reasons why I am not a good blogger.

1. My Picassa link is while I can write I can't post photos (hence all the rotten posts that I just updated. See "Broccoli" and "Fairy Nice") which ends up being a royale pain in the bottom since I am already too busy to begin with.

2. I really don't think you are that interested in the mundane aspects of my life. And on the off chance that you ARE interested I probably already call you on the cell phone and give you a play by play of my life (no need to duplicate right??)

3. I am lazy. It's pretty simple but also pretty solid.

Please don't judge me for being a bad blogger! I love you all! AO
Soooo, as I say this my error message just popped up AGAIN!
BAD REQUEST: Your client has performed an illegal or malformed request.
Now, I have no idea what this means but in no way did I intend to perform a malformed request. I mean really....why would I do that purposefully???? Help?
P.S. The picture is my cute kid with her BFF "My My's" or "Miles" as his parents named him