Sunday, June 15, 2008

Matt and I went wakeboarding with friends, Jeff & Kara Shubin. Paige stayed with Grammy while mom and dad had some adult only fun! The water was FREEZING but glassy so no complaints! This is Matt's 360 (about 180 of it!). Great job!

Jumping the wake...I still can't seem to clear it like he can. But then again, I don't risk doing anything that could end in a face plant.

This is the look I usually get after naptime. Paige stands in her crib and calls to me, "da da da da da da" or "yai yai yo" (also known as E-I-E-I-O).

When I finally come in she tosses her paci out of her mouth and on to the floor with an "I'm finished with you!" attitude. Her whoo-hair is getting to be a bit long for Cindy-Lou Whoo Hair so we might move to a totally 80's side pony for the summer.
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kissing Eden's "he-man-gee-oh-ma".

Playing king of the mountain on Eden.

We focus on the importance of good dental hygene. Right now we brush gums but I am praying that a tooth will eventually emerge. If not, I guess flossing won't be necessary.

Paige will sit and "brush" the entire time it takes me to get ready in the AM. The toothbrush and the baby in the mirror will easily distract her for 20 minutes.
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Paige with her best boy friends: Eric, Nick and Miles.

Paige and Grammy hanging out in the front yard. Such nice smiles!

Paige looking a smidge concerned...

Paige's friend Eden came over to play! I love Eden's cheeks!!
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Swimming in the giant sink bathtub. Dad loves to make sure there are enough bubble to ingest.

Daddy and Paige.

Miles enjoying his 1st Birthday cupcake! Happy Birthday Miles!
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Paigie Pictures

In the spa with mom and paci.

Cute profile!

Happy 80's baby with side pony!

Her favorite pasttimes together at last! Reading/Eating a book and watching Crockett. We have hopes that Crockett's vocabulary will increase significantly due to Paige's focus on educating him via Dr. Seuss.
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Thank you Christa!

Thank you to my dear friend Christa for restoring my trust in mankind. We've had a whirlwind of activity here on the ranch. Matt and I went wakeboarding TWICE in frigid waters. Paige went to Grammy's spa. Eden came over to play. Miles celebrated his first birthday in our kitchen...and Paige's best boy friends (Miles, Nick and Eric) came to visit! Check out the photos!