Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Mojave

Matt and I took a quick weekend vacation out to Lake Mojave for some wakeboarding. We had a great time hanging out with our friends the Shubins, eating some tasty food (the Nugget! rated "A" of course!), playing $2 blackjack and a few rounds of Yahtzee! The weather wasn't all that we'd hoped for (think "The Perfect Storm" meets Lake Mojave) but the company was stellar!

For those of you who have never had the priviledge to visit Searchlight, NV you are really missing something special!
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As you can see Paige was all smiles while eating sugar!

She even shared some with Auntie Elizabeth!

"All gone"

Paige decided to keep a little something extra for later. We were impressed at how clean she managed to keep herself!
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Paige's 1st Cupcake

Paige's Auntie Elizabeth came into town and took Paige on a field trip to Wonderland Bakery in Laguna Beach. Paige came home and after eating her peas and rice was invited to taste her very first cupcake! White cake with pink frosting! So yummy!!
Paige thought Auntie Elizabeth was the best and was so excited to eat a cupcake. She was a little hesitant at first so her daddy showed her how to do it...
Paige's daddy is really good at eating cupcakes...although he typically prefers a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting he was willing to help Paige learn how to eat this one.

Daddy did well at his lesson...and Paige is a quick learner. She wasted no time shoveling cupcake into her mouth.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is out of order...sorry! My cousin (Chad) & his wife (Angel) came to LA on a mission trip from Louisiana and came to brunch with us for Matt's first Father's Day! Paige loves them! We went to the Tam O' Shanter and ate, ate, ate!

We had such a fun time visiting with Chad & Angel and would LOVE to convince them to move out to sunny Southern California!
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Paige and Miles have a very unique relationship. They really like going to places like JC Penny together and playing dress up. Outside of family I think this is Paige's 1st kiss....

Paige loves her new friend, Delaney. She especially loves how Delaney lets her chew on all her toys!

The swim diva.

Paige's newest favorite toy the bouncer. She JUMPS all the time now!
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These are pictures of the hotel grounds from the Shubin's room. AMAZING! What you don't see is all the neat little kid stuff they have everywhere....PG loved the kids pool and especially the crawling pool with jumping water.

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One of the highlights of the hotel is that it has a LAZY RIVER that runs through it. What's not to like about that?

Jeff & Kara enjoying an adult beverage while floating down the lazy river.

Daddy and Paige had fun people watching.

Fun for the entire family!
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Paige went on her 1st vacation to Scottsdale, AZ for the 4th of July. We thought it wasn't going to be hot enough in YL so decided to enter into the 117 degree heat of AZ. Our friends the Shubins found a great deal to stay at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge through Costco Travel....only $284 for 3 nights/4days! Woo hoo!

Here's Paige sitting on the table at lunch chewing her new favorite item to put in her mouth....the jelly container.

Paige did great in the car and napped the entire trip. We stopped for lunch at this fine establishment, "The Desert Center Cafe" which happens to be the ONLY food establishment in all of Desert Center. The desert wasteland you see behind me isn't just for show...that's all there is. Luckly the food was edible and the Department of Public Health decided they earned an "A"! Yippee!

When PG wasn't napping she could be found eating her toes or reading her Dr. Seuss books "Go Dog Go" and "The ABC Book".

Our friends the Shubins (Jeff & Kara) met up with us to have some fine dining and PG enjoyed checking out the restaurant patrons. What you aren't able to see is a few seconds before this when PG graciously dumped an entire Diet Coke all over Kara's lap. She really loves Kara. :-)

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paige's Auntie Elizabeth gave her this bikini for summer. She was all smiles for the camera and didn't mind her sunglasses from Auntie Casie either!

Eating shoes is one of Paige's favorite activities! Eating anything else is a close second...
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Taking pictures is always fun. Especially when mom lets Paige put props in her mouth.

Dimples in the cheeks!

So cute when you are 9 months old! Not so much when you are 30!
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