Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paige's Morning Routine: Walking

So since this is considered a major milestone I thought some of you might want to see Paigey Pants in action. She starting walking a couple of weeks ago and has progressed quite nicely. She has a hard time walking in her jammies, socks or shoes but still manages pretty well. This video is pretty typical for our morning. I get her up, give her a bottle, take her in to the office to check work email and then we head to the kitchen for breakfast. As you can see she regularly takes a detour to check on Matt and/or Crockett. Pardon the morning voice from your truly but I think it captures the experience quite well.

Paige has increased her vocabulary from "woof", "mama" and "dada" to include other works like "yis" (also known as "yes"), "na na" (usually in repetitive song form) and "hi" (usually said while waving). To her Grammy's dismay she has yet to say "Grammy" but we know she is saying it in her head and her heart all the time. :-) Paige is also becoming quite the sign language expert. She has mastered "all done" (both hands waving in air) and "pick me up" (both arms outstreached upwards). She is also the family greeter and will wave at anyone at anytime. She especially LOVES going to the grocery store and waves "hi" and "bye" to everyone who passes our cart.